I was asked to pay over $3k for my gift package

Anonymous | 05 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
Met this guy on tinder, his name is John Lee wong, claimed to be American born Chinese, only has his mum. Oil and gas industry engineer. About 5 days later, claimed he had an interview and will be awarded a contract if he does well for the talk and asked me to wish him luck. Next day, said he was awarded the contract and wanted to buy me gifts. Too good to be true, but I was curious so gave him my address. He sent the package and gave me the link that looks legitimate, www. FirstFlightexpressltd.services. the link looks real and shows THE status of thE package. the courier guy then WHATSAPP me the next day saying that I have to pay SGD3100 as clearance tax. His name is Ken from standard delivery express services (+6590766388).
Bank details Name:Zaleha Bte Sawan

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