A typical Internet Love scam modus operandi

Anonymous | 05 Mar 2019

Internet Love Scam
Know him by the name of Sean Wang from CoffeeMeetsBagel. His instagram is yongwang100.. he mentioned that he migrated with his parents to Sydney at the age of 5 though his family was from.Malaysia. His profile shows he studied Master from University of Technology Sydney, stays in Darlinghurst. A scammer which I believe is with a team.

His story is that he used to work with a company as an engineer but trying to bid projects in different countries on his own. One of the projects is Malaysia and few weeks after he mentioned this, he got a project in Kedah. He sent me his contract letter with lookalike Msia government letterhead. 2weeks later, he came to Msia n started the project..
He said to work in Msia, he has to pay withholding tax for non resident and asked If i could help and the rest he will ask from his parents..Later on, as I mentioned i did not have enough, bank details of the person He asked to transfer But i didnt.
Bank name : UOB
Account name : Rugayah Marilyn binti abin
Account number : 1133010365
Swift code: UOVBMYKL
he changed his way stating that he has USD 100K to transfer but I exposed him because is from a gmail account and fraud email [email protected] .

This guy is smart and able to "read" you quite accurately. He was able to share about his daily life in details.

1) He has both Sydney and Msia number +60102817698)
2) He kept changing whatapps profile image including the latest photo of the guy who wore traditional top during CNY (background is with Pig greeting)
3) No result from reverse image search or scam phone number upon checking australia number. Despite this, pls do a reverse image search to check if a profile pix is being used anywhere else. 
5) Always ask to do a video call to check real person even if the person gives different reasons

Suspicious arose as found that Sydney has no midnight flight but he flew at 4am and 3am to Msia.
So beware ladies when you come upon him, I saw him having a new profile in coffeemeetsbagel.