Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 05 Jun 2021

Internet Love Scam
I Was trying out the Facebook dating feature and spoke to two different Chinese man. First red flag was they promptly asked to move to other apps for communication.

Please take note as they are using this period whereby people can't meet to gain trust and manipulate you.

they suddenly call me sweetheart out of nowhere and acted like they care about my daily life. Sometimes they will voice call and send pictures while demanding yours (Never give your Photos).

Two different tricks used WERE:

1. Ask you to help with downloading an app to play a GAME because their sibling can't use it 2. Ask you to download an app to make a quick income. Very easy in 20 Mins.

For the first one, you see the immediate rewards and will feel tempted to do it yourself. You just need to create an account with your email. To transfer money, you need to upload your ID. I did it and regretted because of possible identity theft. They Will need you to transfer money to an Account belonging to someone. Which is very suspicious.

For the second one, the moment I refused to credit money into the Account, that person immediately blew up and acted like I was in the wrong.

The explanation for the app was a money investment game. But it was in fact a fraudulent get rich quick scam, hoping that you throw in a big sum of money into a suspicious account.

They are preying on vulnerable women and they are very good at making it sound like they care about you. Beware ladies. These man are professionals.