Online friend blocked me on IG when I didn't want to help

Irene Tan | 05 Jun 2019

Internet Love Scam
This IG: Hyun_jun_smith45 start to Follow me ig on 27 April 2019. Then he start to PM me on the very same day. Treating him as an online friend, we start to chat. He introduced himself as MR Hyun , Dob 15 may 1981 , working in London. He Migrates to London when he is small during Korea war with his parents. Parents move back to Korea for good.

To make it short, I will summaries what is my encounter with him.

1) birthday Round the corner will ask for a birthday gift as a blessing to him. I offer to buy him when he comes to Singapore but he will say a lot of the meaning of giving a gift and not to trouble me just want me to buy him US$300 worth of Itunes card. I rejected him as it is too much to give to a person who I never meet. Then he slowly down the amount to USD$100 but i still rejected. Soon, he asked me for favour to help him buy then he will return me back when he come to singapore. Of course, I acted blur and forget about It.
2) plan to come to Singapore to meet me. Due to his work nature , cannot let his company know where is his whereabouts, he wanted me to book his hotel stay and receive his luggage with a large amount of cash inside( USd $34500)on Behalf of him. At first, I rejected the idea, He will use all means to convince you to go along with his idea. Keep giving you the assurance everything will be fine as the courier company he used is safe and trusted. In the end I accept his idea, but stressed that I would not be responsible for what happened to his luggage. In the end he sent his luggage and later sent me the tracking number with the courier company website. After sending he wanted me to contact the courier company to track Where is the luggage..... to make it short the courier want me to pay SgD$2580 for tax clear and overweight as the item is now transit in Indonesia. When i told him about it he kept wanted me to pay on behalf of him. I rejected the idea cos it didn't make sence if the item is transit in another country there is no need to pay clearance tax( Double confirm with my rElative who is in logistics line). In the end he blocked me from his IG when I messaged him that I realised that he's a scammer.

I hope whoever see this post will be more careful with guys/gals who know online. Always have a clear head especially when the other person started to shower you with nice and positive words very quickly.