Online friend attempted to cheat me

Anonymous | 05 Jan 2022

Investment Scam Investment Scam
I was befriended by a Chinese lady by the name of Jenny through an online app. Her number is 8916 5091 After conversing for a couple of days, I was introduced to an online investment "game" where instant returns were promised. Out of boredom and curiosity, I decided to play along. The website for the game is (not sure if it changes. Do not click). There are several "games" people can play as an investment and the initial deposit is low. There is a live help centre/customer service officers where people have to contact in order to load their accounts. All of which is operated in Mandarin. After contacting the help centre, we are provided with a bank account (not sure if it changes but this time was standard Chartered) where money can be deposited to load the account. Subsequently, after playing the "game" the players get to withdraw their earnings and it is deposited back using the same account. I am luckY i have not been monetarily affected and have since stopped contact with the scammer. Scams are rampant these days so please be careful when conversing with people online