Don't take respond to adverts offering loans!

Anonymous | 05 Aug 2020

Loan Scam

Today, at 2.00pm, i received a call from +65 9749038?, which i clearly knew was a scam call. It was first an automated voice, which said, "hello, good afternoon. We are a credit loan company that offer personal loan and micro loan. The application process will only take you a couple of minutes. After approval, the funds will transfer to your preferred account within 3 hours. Press 1 for more information. Your call will be diverted to our sales officer. Press 2 to repeat the message."

I press 1 and it was transferred to a lady with a filipino accent. She said the company's name was 'ac? capital' and asked me how much i wished to loan. I said i wanted to loan $2,000. Next, she asked what was my monthly salary and said that they can approve loan amounts within 2 to 2.5 times the monthly income. She said somebody from the sales department will contact me again today regarding my application. She said her name was 'avi'.

After that, I called the number back and not surprising that it was an invalid number.