Unknown money was transferred into my bank account!

Anonymous | 04 Sep 2019

Loan Scam
i saw a post in carousell, posted by JOHNBLACK88 (also called ken), on "luxury watch easy instalment plan".

on 15th Aug, i responded to it and gave my personal details, including my nric and bank details. then on that day, Ken whatsapp me to inform me that $400 ($120+$280) was transferred to my account and i had to transfer the money back to another bank account to him. I felt very suspicious as i was concerned that my account was used for unlawful activities. so i called him up to ask what was going on and that i was going to make a police report and to ask the bank to transfer back the money.

the police officer advised me not to transfer the money back to them, else i will be involved in loanshark activities and all my bank accounts could be frozen! Also to ignore them.

However, ken, together with his "boss", harassed me for a few days to transfer the money back to them, despite me telling them, that the bank would reverse the transfer back to them. hence, i blocked the number. They even used facebook to post messages demanding for the money back!
they even used another number (+60 17-5631260) to message me, threatening to "whack my family" and burn my "neighnorhood house".
eventually the bank reversed the transfer on 22 aug, however, threatening messages were still posted on my facebook to demand the money back!
they sounded to be in their early 20s and have Malaysian Chinese accent

From this incident, i think it is important to stand firm and to ignore and to block their number.
all their threats have been empty talks and very ridiculous with a poor command of English.
a) telling me that he will be "coming from Malaysia" to whack me:
- I was wondering why must he tell me that he was coming "from Malaysia", to go custom to welcome him?
b) to burn my "neighnorhood house"
- should be my house right, and so ridiculous, over S$400! i wonder what i can ask him to do with $500!

my word of advice:
Stand firm! ignore and block their numbers!