I got scammed by an online buyer

Anonymous | 04 Oct 2021

Online Purchase Scam
I did sell my iphone online through Carousell, This guy (Fred Scholoman) contacted me and asked my mobile for further discussion regarding the deal of my iphone. he told me he was a US navy and was based in Changi Singapore. end up, he requested me to deliver my iphone to his brother for his birthday gift and gave me the address in malaysia. then, he arranged UPS services to pick it up from my apartment and asked me to pay the waybill cost ($32) frist. as he showed me his online payment including the delivery cost (total $770). End-up, I followed his request to send it to his brother address. Of cos, I have not received any payment from him.

also, he kept telling me his bank account was hacked and kept asking me to purchase a sim card for him so as to fix his online banking services. Luckily, I did not follow his request as I told me each singaporean just hold 3 sim cards for registration. I told him I used it all for my family member.

I want to share with all of you "Don't trust"
The scammer gave me
the malaysia address : Block c, 18-12, delephinum pusat residensi mesa outra nilai 71800 nilai, malaysia.
the contact name : Raymond
Mobile : +60377211388

After a week, I have been receiving lot of scam call from malaysia (3-4 times per day).