I lost over $80k to investment scam

Anonymous | 04 Jun 2021

Investment Scam

I met this girl online on facebook and she added me thru whatsapp. At first, we casual chatted only. She was wanting to chat with me everyday and complimenting me. Thereafter, she told me to download an app which looked like a legit investment app that is produced by orient securities trading, a mas regulated brokerage firm.

at first, she told me to log into her account and showed me how easy was it to invest and get profits. She told me to set up an account. Then she told me to put in $100 to try, and on the first night, i earned $20 profits. I was able to cash out my earnings to my bank account. When i had to top up the credits, i had to transfer to a 3rd party bank account, and when i received the money, it was thru a 3rd party bank account as well.

On subsequent nights, she asked me to top up $1,000 and $5,200. As i earned some money the previous night, i was confident of earning more this time round and transferred those money accordingly. i also earned more profits, which led me to think that this investment app is legit. So on the 4th night, she asked me to top up $20,000 and participate in a vip activity. So i did what she told me to do and i participated in the vip activity and topped up $20,000. Little did i know that once i "participated", i was not able to withdraw any of my money and that i had to top up my account to $100,000 in order to be able to withdraw my money.

Feeling desperate, i went to transfer funds from my other bank accounts to try and hit the $100,000 target, and at the same time, she also said she will help me by transferring $20,000 into the app account to reach the $100,000 goal. I even had to use credit card cash advance, and incurred 8% interest charge. When i finally reached $100,000 goal, i tried to withdraw the money, but the app said i had to bet a few more times before i can withdraw. So i went to bet and when i tried to withdraw, the app said my account has been frozen. The app now said that in order for me to unfreeze my account, i will have to top up another $65k+ more to withdraw everything. I got very upset and desperate, and confided in my parents and wife that they told me that it was an obvious scam. In order to top up the $65k, the girl even offered to top up another $10k more to help me reach that goal.

The original orient securities holdings brokerage firm contacted me later on to verify that their company does not have such an app and the one that i was using is a gambling app and is not regulated. In total, i lost about $80k to this scam