Online seller turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 04 Jun 2020

Online Purchase Scam

I sent message to Lazada seller on chat about the detail of oneplus cellphone. He replied that he sent the detail to me by whatsapp, so i told him my whatsapp contact number. He requested me to do bank transfer for purchase and said that he did delivery and sent me the invoice receipt once i sent money. I didn't trust him, so i requested the evidence to trust him. He sent me a photo of a screen shot of the payment from other customer. I didn't trust him completely yet, but i transferred money. After a few hours, he said that received payment and would update delivery. He didn't contact me next day, so i asked him about the delivery and invoice receipt. He said that i had to pay the additional money for tax and insurance, then he refunded it when the delivery come.

I have never heard about the additional fee, so I told him that i won't pay an more additional fees. He could refund me the money or send phone to me asap. He never sent the phone, invoice receipt and never refunded money.

He ended all contact with me after that.