If you are promised a huge prize for a lucky draw that you didn't participate, beware!

Anonymous | 04 Aug 2020

Lottery Scam

Similarly to these cases above, i was contacted by a friendly taiwanese woman claiming that i've won hk$530k (3rd prize) and would need to provide nric+name+dob+marital status+occupation for her team to verify my identity for prize redemption which would take 1-2 working day...

how it went:
1) call to invite event
2) call for attendance
3) call to say i've won 3rd prize + ask for identity verification
4) confirmation on verification + ask for bank account no.

please be careful.
1. caller was able to detect the info i've provided was false in the beginning.
2. she was able to provide a website to prove her said company.
3. she will come up with many stories to manipulate your thoughts to trick you into divulging more details. (such as knowing ur telco)
4. do your part to verify business registration no, if possible. xinhongda (HK) was found dissolved on hk govt website.