I lost $7,000 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 04 Aug 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Met a girl on WeChat, then the girl mentioned she no longer using Wechat, asked to communicate in whatapps. First meet up, she ask me to meet in front of Nafa.. before face to face meet up, I received unknown number call, to ask me for non-police granrantee , ask me to AXS machine at nafa entrance to buy 3 x 600sgd alipay voucher.. then request additional guarantee again, but I mentioned I don't have money again, he threatening me, mentioned that he is from one of the biggest gangster group in Singapore, if I dont arrange payment, will come and find me now., His brother is nearby. I scared so I just follow instructions, using my credit cards to buy almost worth of 4000sgd iTunes card from 711..

Finally I really can't stand on the threatening call, I off my phone and leave the location as soon as possible. I still received unknown call and threatening sms on second day before I turn on block features to block all unknown calls and blacklist sms number with short code, zerui0905. I am stupid, please don't follow my step, suggest no matter how, if u meet any internet friend, better with accompany, in case anything happen still have friend to protect you.