Don't fall prey to Loan scams!

Anonymous | 03 Sep 2019

Loan Scam
responded to a sms regarding "easy loans with competative rates". after couple of atm bank transfers, internet bank transfer & cash deposits... "loan" was still unable to be processed due to multiple excuses given by the scammers.
total amount lost: $1850.
they will provide you with different bank accounts as instructed by their "accountant".
felt i was being scammed and called anti-scam helpline: 1800-7226688.
officer confirmed that it's a scam and advised me to lodge a police asap.
as of now, they're still harassing & sending threatening messages & pictures of them harassing victims.
all communications are through whatsapp messaging & calls.
please do not be lured and fall prey to such unscrupously scammers.
do take note that all of them speak with a chinese malaysian accent (with regards to my case).
tel no: 81063882 / 81947341