Please do not fall prey to Loan scam!

Anonymous | 03 Sep 2019

Loan Scam
do not believe in any loan offer via sms or media social. i had a painful experience which cause my life in mess now!

due to financial issue, i had approached the guy - derek after receive a sms on the loan offer.
at first, he said his company will transfer 700 to me but return with 1000 as defer to have account with them. subsequently, in order to get the loan, i need to open file and open account in their company and it cost another 4000. when the money transferred, he told me the account had hit late payment. i need to pay another 2800 to activate the account.

lastly he ask me to transfer another 5400 to his company as they want to purchase insurance for me which i decided to cancel the deal. in the end i transferred 5000 as cancellation fee. But he told me i still need to transfer 4000 to cancel the file and account in his company which i refuse to do and start suspect i might get into loan scam.

i had keep asking them for the legal document but the person keep telling me they are legal and all is record in system.
When i mentioned i will report police and told them they are different from other legal lender. he told me they are different cause they are under tele-marketing and start to voice up to me.

In the end, I had called the company which derek quote and the person in charge told me i had get into scam as their company will not loan money thru any apps.

i had make a police report on this and also inform my family member to aware if anyone call them and disturb them.
lost money is painful, but if family member get hurts from this will be more painful.

i had my lesson and hope you all take it as a warning. don't fall into loan scams!