Shop within the platform and do not do a direct bank transfer

Anonymous | 03 Oct 2020

Online Purchase Scam
At around 11:30 on 2 October 2020 I saw an ad on shopee for a laptop going at $550 so I went to pm the seller and ask if it still available. And got a response in a few mins saying yes so I text them on WhatsApp for fast response and was told not to order from Shopee as they will have to give 50% of what they are selling.

So I asked what they want me to DO and was told to transfer money to them so they can put me on the next delivery so I will get my item by 3pm today. I was not thinking a lot that time all I ask for was an invoice after the payment was make they did sent an invoice it look so real. So I waited till 3pm there was no delivery so I ask the guy he told there an issue on his side and told me that wait till 7pm but still no delivery man so I text him again but this time he call me and demand for $300 because he was stuck on singapore Airport customs but I did not give him as I realised he was not in Singapore and don't sound like a Malaysian man more like an Africa man and after a long talk and text he told me he will Refund me the next MORNING at 9am. So the next morning I text him to update me when he transferred my money and waited till 11am got his reply asking for a new sim card number and then I will get my refund back at first I don't know what was their intention but after I got the new sim he told me to give the 6 digits code for WhatsApp so I did and after that he ask me for a new shopee account they make using the new SIM number I Got but I didn't give that where when I checked the old Shopee account they were using was banned i knew that they needed a new one.