I was asked to pay more than $1700 for my gifts

Anonymous | 03 Oct 2019

Internet Love Scam

This guy followed me on Instagram.

He told me that his parents are Singaporean but he is born and raised in London. He said he is a pilot of Thai airways. After a few exchange of msgs in Instagram he asked for my whatsapp number. After giving my number, the next day, I realised that I couldn’t find his Instagram page anymore.

After a week, he then told me that he sent me a parcel with gifts from him since i’ve been a REAL friend and he got selected to fly the plane with the UN Secretary after a successful interview. He insisted on sending a package containing luxury items such as Chanel handbag, jewellery, valued at GBP$15,000. He sent me a receipt of his transaction and track code.

Today, he asked me if I’ve received the package as his was an express courier. When I asked him to check with the courier directly, he was full of angst and told me that he wasn’t in Singapore. When I went to the website to check and was told that I needed to pay S$1750 as my parcel was overweight. This is obviously a scam, so beware ladies when chatting with online friends!