I lost over $1,000 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 03 Nov 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I would like to share my experience of how i got scammed in facebook. I added this girl name of shaira ong on facebook and she claimed to be a social escort in singapore offering sexual services. I wanted to engage her services for two hours and the fee was 150sgd so she asked me to transfer it to a posb saving account whom she she claimed as her admin's account. We agreed to meet at Jurong east street 13, block 133 at a coffeeshop below the block. After reaching she said she needed another 170 sgd to be transfered to her admin's posb account as she got a penalty from her admin for agreeing to meet me at a earlier timing instead of the timing we fixed earlier on facebook messenger. She had promised to pay me back in cash after we met so i agreed and transfered but right after i transfered she asked me to do a western union transfer to her boss in phillipines whose name is of danica artocilla. She asked me to do a transfer of 250sgd in western union to her boss and she said that fee was to cover her rental in the room she is staying as if she dont pay for room rental, she wont be able to meet me. So i did do a western union transfer to her so called boss in phillipines but after that she kept giving lots of excuses and empty promises of returning me back my money in cash when we meet but i waited for 4 hours but she didnt turn up. That's when i knew i was scammed and made a police report. I transfered a total of 1.3ksgd in total to her in that four hours i waited for her. My advice to everyone is not to fall for this type of scams in facebook where girls claim themselves as escorts offering sexual services. It's all a scam.