After I declined my online friend's request to invest, he disappeared

Anonymous | 03 Jun 2021

Internet Love Scam
Got to know 2 potential scammers via okc/cmb:

1) Lin yang (via okc around mar 2021) - first big red flag was asking to converse in chinese. then he said he was in sg for his business and his uncle taught him how to do some investment and he wanted to teach me how. i said i wasnt interested as i was doing my own investments but he insisted and said that just 1k would be enough to try sth new. he also sent over flowers and cake despite us not having met before. the 2nd time he tried to persuade me to join but i didnt want to and then he ghosted me after that.

2) shiweize (via cmb May 2021) - did not talk to him much as it was a big red flag when he asked to converse in chinese as he grew up in china though he is a local. i said no i cant do chinese and so he continued to talk in english but when i asked him more specific questions about his ns, he couldnt answer and didnt reply after that.