I lost $22,000 to an online friend I met on Coffee Meets Bagel

Anonymous | 03 Jun 2019

Internet Love Scam

I downloaded this dating app Coffee meets bagel (CMB) and like one guy called “Edward Calonzon Jiang. We exchanged phone numbers.

He is staying in UK, we chatted for a month through WhatsApp and developed feelings and relationship and become his fiancée.

His story to me was he is an orphan as his parents died in a plane crash in Indonesia. His parents were Indonesians. Before they passed away, they owned a property in Indonesia and one in Singapore. He claimed that he wanted to come and meet me but first have to go Indonesia to sell his property there.

In Indonesia, his property in Jakarta has tax imposed by Government and needed to pay about S$12,000. I was tricked by him to take up loans from banks and licensed moneylenders to help him. I have been transferring money to a close friend of his in Kenya via online transfers or Western Union.

Then he wanted to transfer money to me from his Barclay account to my SG account via online transfer so that I can pay off the loan that I got for him. But since his Barclay account has been inactive for some time, we needed to pay another $13K to have it “serviced” for it to be usable again.

It has been almost a month plus and when I realised that he is not coming to Singapore, I realised that I have been scammed.  

Now, I am left with a mountain of debts – from banks and moneylenders.