I lost $16k to Internet Love scam

Anonymous | 03 Apr 2021

Internet Love Scam
Meet him on cmb in Aug 2020 and Things went well for first 3 months. He Has his own business in the wood / construction industry and wishes to expand to asia. He is French with Asian origins.

Went to Hongkong For Contract work and got Injured at the worksite. One of his workers died and he has to pay compensation, that is when he started asking for money. Gave Reasons Such as French account was being blocked due to anti-terrorism law.

Subsequently wanted to fly to SINGAPORE to meet but was detained by authorities in Thailand during transit flight. Asked for more money to bail him out.

Transferred $16000 in total between Dec2020 to Mar2021 to Singapore, Malaysian and Thai bank accounts. Eventually stopped doing so as the story started to get more ludicrous.