I lost around $60,000 to Internet and Investment scams

Anonymous | 02 Nov 2021

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam Investment Scam
i met a guy on CMB. he was very friendly and seemed trustworthy. eventually he introduced Kqi to me because he "prove" to me that he was trustworthy and could help me earn money. I kept rejecting and we fought, but I eventually gave in due to "trust". initially, while using the app, the guy was guiding me and i was making small investments and was winning money. at this point, i could still withdraw my earnings.

Then there was an event where I could win $1688 if i put in $20k. i did not want to play it but the guy persuaded me to do so, insisting that he had played it before and it was legitimate. he would also help me top up cash to build trust with me.

After awhile, his and my account got frozen because we violated their "rules". in order to unfreeze it and get my money out, i had to put in 70% of my deposited money. of course, i panicked and quickly did so because they only gave me 48 hours. my account was finally unlocked, and i tried to withdraw all of it out. however, they then told me that because of mas anti-money laundering law, withdrawals >40k will be taxed. if i do not pay the taxes within 3 business days, i would be taken to court. again, i panicked, not thinking to verify with mas, and deposited another $9911. my account was unlocked, however, I went from queue number 187, to 185, to 277. this was very suspicious to me.

The guy who I was talking to was allegedly in the same predicament, and he even confirmed with his "brother-in-law", who had worked in the company as a technician before, that this has happened before and we would get our money back. but after putting in so much money and reading stories on scam alert, I woke up and affirmed that I would no longer be putting in money.

I know I won't be able to get my money back and this was a painful life lesson that costed 60k. please, everyone out there, do not be so trusting and guilt tripped into an investment "love" scam.