I was a victim of Internet Love scam

Anonymous | 02 Nov 2020

Internet Love Scam
i cross path with this guy through an app, okcupid, we subsequently exchanged numbers and started communicating through whatsapp. he had introduced himself as a hong kong resident residing in singapore with his relatives and had plans of expanding his hotel business in singapore. after chatting with him for 1-2months, he understand that i had intention of switching jobs and started sharing with me a chinese investment app, 五洲国际 which allows you to earn quick cash overnight.

initially, i had agreed to join him by making small investments and managed to win few thousands in a night. subsequently, he would persuade you to pump in more money into the app to increase the winnings. he had then lead you to make larger bettings and eventually lose all the money you had pump into the app initially.

after being suspicious of his actions, i decided to share the story and happened to see another victim sharing a similar story. i had then recalled him saying that i am the only person that he was talking to and he had deleted the app long ago, therefore, i realised i have been duped all these while.

please do not continue any conversations with guys that persuade you to join them in any investing activities as any gains you made initially will result to a greater loss of personal savings eventually.