Never respond to advertisements offering loans

Anonymous | 02 May 2020

Loan Scam
On 5th April I received a SMS about the personal loan. Then I contacted and reply the sms. Few minutes
later someone name Eric (P? Credit Pte Ltd) contacted me thur whatapps(+65 8172 2422) and ask me
for the details.

I'm was unaware on the PROCEDURE and get into the scam.
( All the CONVERSATION are thur whatsapps)

He took all my personal info and said He is the officer will help me proceeded the loan and he start to send me all the Loan Agreement and ask me sign and return. ERIC asking my to transfer $3800 to open 2 account (acct active and acct file). then he called me again asking if i can transfer another $1200 to run up the deposit amt to $15k (so he can transfer $15k) to me. i said i do not have the monies. he then asked another guy (terence - 98725539) to call me, he persuaded me to transfer.

After that, He start to ask me make payment.
Now they want me to pay another S$1500 to cancel the application
Then I start checking online and contacted MOL. Then I follow MOL instructions call to the P? Credit Pte Ltd check and call to my bank to ask for assistance. bank asked me make a report in order bank can send this case.

Note that licensed moneylenders are not allowed to advertise their services online (including social media), messaging apps and SMS. If you received such advertisements, do not respond.