Moneylender threatened me when I didn't want to take up loan offer

Anonymous | 02 May 2019

Loan Scam
I wanted to get a loan. Received an SMS, thinking that they are licensed money lender and the interest rates they offer are lower than the local banks.

Prior to loan disbursement, he asked for a "payment review". How they do that is by transferring me $600 first then 7 days later, they need me to repay them $1000 and the extra $400 will be deducted from the 1st month loan repayment. I was surprise of the suddenly transfer of $600. I asked for their account number to refund back but I was told I need to pay $1000 instead. I told him I don't need the loan, he threatened that I will still need to continue paying the payment review to clear my name and close my file. He continue to send me voice message to threaten me daily and also send me my house photo which he took from goggle map. He didn't sound local and he even challenged me to report to the police, which I did for safety reasons. And I didn't take up the loan offer. 

Don't respond to any of SMS-, WhatsApp- messages offering loans as they are illegal!