Another case of "Singtel" Impersonation Phone scam

Anonymous | 02 Jul 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
Lady caller (heavy indian accent) called my wife hp to inform that our Singtel internet service is being hacked. she mentioned that there were many intrusion attempts into our home internet connection. caller introduce herself as an employee from singtel technical department and would like to verify our connection details via a CLS ID which she provided. she then told my wife to access a pc connected to our home internet so that she can guide us step by step to verify our connection status and to take steps to protect ourselves from getting unwanted internet intrusions. We comply just to see where she is going with this steps. She tells us to access a pc and press the windows+R key. We know that this will bring up the run box to enter commands. fortunately we do not have a windows pc at home, explained as such and she tried to refer us to a senior technician. At this point we had enough info to log a SCAM and so we put down the phone.

Main reasons we think this is a scam is because:
our internet account is not under my wife's name
we have never been told to provide a ID number before
she was unable to identify our singtel account number for verification
she tried to get us to run a command on our pc