Do not respond to unsolicited advertising messages

Anonymous | 01 Sep 2021

Online Purchase Scam
RECEIVED a SMS without number. Below is the content of the message.

If you are interested, please add my WhatsApp:(+852-6937-4862 )

First of all, I'm sorry you received this message, it looks a bit long, but please trust me not to disturb you.

Secondly, congratulations on receiving it,
I sell the original luxury goods. I sell all the fine products manufactured by the original factory. I will share with you the best products in the industry!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
Let me explain the source of goods first. I sell watches, bags, clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, sunglasses, belts, and custom-made real gold and real diamonds, custom-made crocodile skin and ostrich skin, and other very cost-effective goods.
Brands include LV, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Hermes and other famous bags, IWC, Rolex, Longines, Omega, Panerai and other famous watches. 100% factory first-hand supply!
The factory has more than ten years of imitation experience, from simple imitation at the beginning, to fine imitation, to one-to-one engraving, and then to the use of the same material in the counter, the quality is more beautiful than you think, and every piece is guaranteed The treasures in your hands are worth the money. With a piece of genuine money, you can buy ten times or more products that can match the quality of genuine products.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
Service is our aim! It takes a long time to do business. Quality is our foundation. We have the best quality products on the market, but it is undeniable that even genuine products have flaws. Such problems can be seen everywhere. After you buy our products, if there are quality problems, we can ensure that we return them, because we are the factory partner and have enough right to speak.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
Friendly reminder: If you want to buy genuine products, please go directly to the counter to buy, because some purchasing agents and so-called genuine products on the Internet, their purchase channels are exactly the same as ours, beware of being deceived! wish you happy! Thanks!

-----------Only one-tenth the price of the counter, you can get the same quality goods as the counter! ----------- 
If you are interested, please add my WhatsApp:(+852-6937-4862 )

Editor's Note: If you received such advertising messages, please do not respond or click the link provided. Verify the legitimacy of the sellers such as doing an online search on the sellers to look for reviews outside the platform. Never provide personal details, including credit card details on unsecure websites.