I lost over $88K to an investment scam

Anonymous | 01 Oct 2021

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam Investment Scam

I met this person from tantan, a dating app. We started dating after his confession. He knew i have some forex trading experiences. So, he insisted me to switch my broker to the one he was using. The company is named “richness empire”. It is infamous for its scam tactics. I knew when I researched on it. However, blinded by love and his words of assurance, I still opened an account. Yes, I was out of my mind.

Richnes? Empir? has a simple interface website for you to check your account, but top-up is done via whatsapp, a so-called customer service number was given to me by that person. For withdrawal, you have to submit a request on the website, then inform the customer service. You will be given personal bank accounts to transfer, which i later found out these are the individuals who are either assisting, or being scammed by probably the same criminal syndicate.

Profits were raking in. I was blinded by greed and was slowly encouraged to top-up until the deposit hit usd50k. In between, the person transferred usd5k, and i managed to withdraw usd3k. Due to multiple top-ups and one transfer, richness empire accused me of money laundering and froze my account. They demanded usd20k to unfreeze, and i paid. When my account unfroze, i submitted a withdrawal request. It wasn’t processed, and the excuse given was “due to high volume of transactions”.

Two days later, Richness? Empir? accused me of illegal arbitrage because the account is constantly profiting. They suspended my withdrawal and froze my account again, demanding another usd30k. I told them I will make a police report. They told me to do so, but I will still have to pay them to unfreeze my account. I accepted the fact I was scammed and went to make a police report.

Oh ya, about the usd3k withdrawal, it was transferred to my bank account by 2 individuals. I initially thought they were part of the company. However, one of them is a victim of a love scam. As a result, i was accused of money laundering. Luckily, I lodged a report much earlier than him.

Please don’t be like me, foolishly believed and followed in everything. No broker will ever ask you to transfer money to personal bank accounts.