When I offered to call caller back, she hung up the phone!

Hamsavardhini Gunaseelan | 01 Oct 2019

Software Update Scam
Got a call today (1/10/2019 at 10:30 am) where the lady said she is calling from Singtel and that they have noticed many foreign ids accessing my computer and she will help me flush them out. I asked her how i can verify that she's calling from Singtel. She asked me to login to my computer, access my cmd prompt and type "assos". Then she read back a no displayed as clsid. then she asked me to close the cmd prompt and type another command. Luckily for me my phone had very little charge and got disconnected. She called me back as soon as my phone was put in the charger. I felt a little uneasy by then and told her that i cant speak to her then. She asked me when i'll be free and said she'll call back then. I told her to leave her no with me and said i'll call her instead. Immediately she cut the call.

She had a distinct PHILIPPINE accent. later i browsed to see if it was a scam and found that it was. 

Don't follow stranger's instructions blindly!