Scammer's photo was badly photoshopped

Anonymous | 01 May 2019

Internet Love Scam
We met on Cmb, he claimed he was new on CMB and was looking for someone serious to start a new life with.

He said he is staying in the US and his father is a Singaporean and mother is American, he visited Singapore in February and loved Singapore very much. And he made up his mind to relocate to Singapore if he found his love. He is a petroleum engineer and rewarded a project in Turkey that worth a lot of money. After this project, he would have enough capital to settle down in Singapore and invest in some business in Art.

He called almost everyday according to the US and Turkey timing ( very convincing), and sent his pictures consistently, but once I asked for Facetime, he would reject it and gave many excuses to not doing it.

After 3 weeks, he said he had some problems with the project and asked for huge amount of money. And he gave his agent's account and appeared to be a DBS Multiplier account. Few days later, he asked to access his company account to transfer money to mine. he also gave me a fake American passport. it was badly photoshopped.