I lost a $1k to my online friend

Anonymous | 01 Dec 2019

Internet Love Scam
I met this man through a dating app and he was very kind and sweet at first. He said he was based in an offshore island in Malaysia and was relocating to Singapore. After a month of texting and phone conversations (he said he was unable to do video calls because his phone could not support it in the offshore island), he called me one day sounding ANXIOUS- the day that he was supposed to come to Singapore. He said that the officers had increase his income tax and he had to pay 9000 ringgit. He asked me if I could help him to transfer USD$2000. He said once he comes to Singapore, he will return the money. Feeling bad and also, hoping to see him, I foolishly sent SGD$1000 (I could not afford more than that). But he did not come that day as he claimed that the process to clear his taxes took long. He said that he will come to Singapore the next day instead. Again, he called and this time said he needed money to pay for the chopper (mode of transportation from the offshore island to KL) and to transport his machines too. This time, i was a bit more wary and said I could not afford it. We still continued chatting and I started asking him for EVIDENCEs/proof. He became very defensive and angry that I did not trust him. I said if he wanted me to lend him money to provide proof but until the hand, he sounded very defensive and rude. He also sent a fake us passport profile once but I was able to see through the scam now after being so stupid. I blocked him from then. I did ask him to return my money but I have yet to receive. I hope this incident will cause one to be wary- to please not blindly trust those online who are sweet and kind. I found his images on another dating site with another name.

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