It’s not unusual to want a new device, especially when there are fancy new gadgets being released every day.

If you see something online for a great price, it can be tempting. 
But be warned.

2020 - E-Commerce scams January to June
2019 - E-Commerce scams January to June
What you should look out for

Keep your eyes open for online sellers who offer super-cheap deals and/or insist on payment off-platform via bank transfers.

Here are some signs to look out for that can help you identify honest sellers.

Seller has good ratings and positive reviews.
(but do note, these can be faked and scammers can buy over accounts of sellers with good ratings to carry out their scams).
Seller provides enough or accurate information about his/her business/item.
Seller states the terms and  
conditions upfront.
Seller uses the 
payment system offered
by the platform.
Seller keeps 
conversations and deals within the platform.
What you should do
Do not agree to bank transfers 
before delivery
Insist on cash-on-delivery or use the platform’s secure payment options
Check that all fees are 
stated upfront
Please rotate your device to portrait