They may look harmless but you need to beware of scammers.
There are plenty of reasons you might want 
to hook up with someone online.
Curiosity, the promise of fun and excitement, 
a no-fuss liaison.
But the reality is there are many people out there offering a good time who disappear once you pay before meeting up.
Total Amount Scammed
6 months
2020 January to June
6 months
2019 January to June
What you should look out for
If someone approaches you online and offers sexual favours for gift-cards or shopping-credits, they’re trying to scam you.
Messaging app payment platforms
App store gift cards
Shopping Credits
Scammers may attempt to convince you to pay up front with Alipay credits, Google Play and iTunes cards and shopping credits. Don’t fall for it.
What you should do
What you should do
Be wary of people offering sex in exchange for gift-cards or shopping-credits
Avoid any arrangements with strangers that offer sex once you start talking
Do not give personal, bank details or payment receipts containing details such as PINs to anyone
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