When I refused to send over to potential...

25 May 2018

By Anonymous

I posted an item (a camera) for sale on Carousell / FB for $400. An interested buyer said he is outside SG...

Seller on Carousell refused to return my deposit when I found the deal fishy

Getting scam calls - a frustrating experience

Another call from "ICA"

I didn't bother to speak to the Police impersonator

Scammers are coming up with various reasons!

Caller threatened me that I had some ICA matters that needed to be settled

Caller attempting to impersonate ICA officer but I didn't fall for it

Red flag: Potential tenant didn't even want to find out more about the room she's renting

A check with my family made me realise that I've given my name to a fake ICA officer

Tip: Automated voice calls in Mandarin are likely to be scam calls!