Scammer asked to borrow USD$7.3K...

1 Feb 2018

By Anonymous

Met a "Kevin Lee" on Coffee Meets Bagel & moved onto WeChat.

From 2nd Dec 2017 to late Jan 2018...

Scammer demanded to pay rent before looking at the rented apartment

I lost $60 to someone who impersonated my aunt on Facebook

Scammer on Carousell

Scammers will prey on your emotions to get you to pay

I blocked my Facebook "friend" when I found out that I could be scammed!

I lost over $900 to a scammer claiming to be from "MOM"

I got charged after I gave an OTP to a scammer

Scammer hung up the phone when I spoke to her in Mandarin

Friend I met online kept asking for money

Police Impersonation Scam: Don't be fooled