Scammer hung up when I asked to speak ...

11 Sep 2018

By Anonymous

I got a call today from 63369059. The robocall message said that 'You have a Singapore High Court summon...

Scammer wanted to send me valuable gifts, but I was asked to pay over $10K to clear customs

I was asked to pay $27K for my gifts!

Don't respond to scam calls, simply hang up

Scammer tried calling me thrice but I blocked their calls!

Online friend used photos that don't belong to him

Scammer hung up when I requested to speak in English

I knew something was fishy and ended the call!

Scammer couldn't share much info and panicked when I exposed him

DHL Impersonation Scam: Scammers whatsapp-ed a Chinese warrant to fool me!

Please share your scam encounters so that others could be warned