I lost $45,000 to a man whom I met on ...

27 Feb 2018

By Anonymous

I met him on Tinder. He sounded very sincere and real. He used God to gain my trust and made me believe ...

When I told scammer that I would call MOM to verify, he hung up the call

I lost around $11,000 to someone I met on Okcupid

I realised that I could have been scammed after scammer made a huge mistake!

I've asked for photo and checked it online...

I lost over $2K to a girl that I met on WeChat

I realised that the online seller is a scammer after googling

Scammer insisted on giving gift parcel

I lost $240 to a scammer who promised me cheap USS tickets

A group of people scammed by a scammer on Carousell

Scammer gave up after I confused him