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14 Apr 2021

Scammer tried to isolate my wife

There was this person called (number +65 98444297) my wife on 27 March 2021 saying that the call was from Starhub and her phone connection going to be cancelled in 2 hours due to the number was used in…...

13 Apr 2021

I received a scam call

Caller with a thick indian accent claimed to be calling from singtel . mentioning that there is a surge in my internet usage. asked me to hold on the line to speak to his senior technician named sam thomas…...

13 Apr 2021

Caller attempted to cheat me!

I got a call with an Indian guy around 9:20am, the call volume was really soft at the start and when i got him to turn the volume up, he kept cutting out. When i could finally hear him, I asked him to…...

12 Apr 2021

Another case of "Singtel" impersonation scam

A guy with strong Indian accent called saying they received feedback of slow and lagging internet connection. Later, he claimed that my connection was used by others from overseas to carry out illegal…...

12 Apr 2021

Always verify unsolicited phone calls

Phone call came, claiming he is from singtel security department. Asked to check router and told me that there are a huge number of people using my internet connection. when i asked for a local number…...

12 Apr 2021

"DBS" call I received turned out to be fake

This scammer has been calling me a few times. It use different phone numbers but every time start with the same recording "You have a message from DBS bank. Press "1" to contact our customer services…...

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