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23 Sep 2020

I was asked to pay different fees to secure my loan!

A Whatsapp message advertising loans with loan interest rates was sent to me. I messaged the person named "Ben". He asked me to send my work permit front and back after that he sent me the agreement and…...

23 Sep 2020

Scammer couldn't answer my questions

I received a scam call today impersonating as Singtel technical department. The caller ID is 668402??. He dropped the call immediately after a few probing questions....

22 Sep 2020

Scammers gave a ridiculous reason that Singtel manages all teleco infrastructure

Received a call from the above number, claiming to be from singtel technical department. Mentioned that my Internet speed is getting slower due to unauthorised users, and asked me to use the run function…...

22 Sep 2020

Online friend who "showered me with love" turned out to be a scammer

I accepted a follow request on Instagram. The account username is 1882_jo. His name is alex kim jong-ho. He started chatting with me on 21 june. He said that he is a 29-year-old korean working in london…...

21 Sep 2020

Scammer attempted to use my friend's account to trick me

2 weeks ago, A friend of mine whom 8 had not seen for 4 years contacted me thru fb messenger, informing me that she had change her contact no. And ask for mine. I did not suspect anything in the beginning.…...

21 Sep 2020

Scammer called from Ireland claimed to be a "Singtel" staff

Got a call with the person in heavy south asian accent, saying he is from singtel technical services.. never knew Singtel has their technical ops centre in Ireland...

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