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29 May 2020

Ignore messages that offer free Mcdonald's family meal vouchers

If you received messages offering vouchers giveaways from Mcdonalds or Giant, please ignore. The sites listed in the messages are phishing sites! Phishing websites URL: meals.clu?/…...

29 May 2020

Don't invest without the checking the background of the company

I met this person online, he is from China sichuan working in hongkong (as he claimed). This person will quickly "fall in love with you" and make you do bitcoin investing together so that "we can have…...

29 May 2020

Beware of Singtel Impersonation scam

I received a phone call from my house number (no caller id, hence unable to provide the scammer's number) on 29 may 2020 around 1.30pm. The conversation goes like this: Indian guy (scammer): hi good…...

28 May 2020

Ignore Kidnap scam message

Received this text message during cb period, where i and my daughter are all at home. the message read out: ur daughter is with me! u better bank in $2680 to my bank ???-395-1892 uob sav now! better dun…...

28 May 2020

Stay vigilant and don't believe callers blindly!

On 28.5.2020, I received a phone call from +65 94943939. it played a recorded message claiming that I had an unclaimed package at Changi Airport. I was transferred to an operator claiming to be from DHL…...

28 May 2020

Always verify unsolicited phone calls, esp one asking for sensitive information

I Have received a call today 29 May as well as on 21 May from people claiming to be from standard chartered regarding my credit card. They refused to tell me what the call is about it but wanted to proceed…...

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