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27 Jan 2022

I didn't fall prey to scammer's tricks!

Someone called saying they are from Singtel and said that my wifi was experiencing heavy use. They wanted me to run some command functions on my PC but I stopped before they could get me to install anything....

27 Jan 2022

Beware of impersonation phone calls claiming to be from "SingTel"

1) The caller attempted to contact via phone and explained that he's contracted by singtel to perform a check on internet connection, claiming that there is a severe security issue with unauthorised access…...

26 Jan 2022

Beware of calls from fake friends

+6587961607 called and mentioned my name. Malaysian Chinese accent and told me to add his new mobile number into my contact list. Requested his name and he said we met few days ago and disappointed i…...

24 Jan 2022

Job offer I got turned out to be a scam

Female texted me on telegram offering job. Guy texted me on WhatsApp claiming able to earn 50-80dollars per day using his promo code. Website looks extremely fishy. Https://…...

24 Jan 2022

Don't fall prey to phone impersonation scams!

+65 9424 83xx called me to warn me that 18, 19 users from overseas were using my internet connection. The person on the other line told me that they are from Singtel and need me to perform and verify…...

24 Jan 2022

I lost $8,000 after taking up a job offer on Telegram

i was first contacted by someone call michelle chia working for recruit express from telegram asking if i wanted a freelance job, i agreed and gave my contact details and after which, a woman call elise…...

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