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19 Aug 2019

Don't provide personal details over the phone!

Called DHL saying parcel mailed to China on 13 Aug containing illegal items. Directed to “beijing police” and told to participate in investigation by updating location every 6 hours through whatsapp +8615210785616.…...

19 Aug 2019

Check the source of the emails before doing what's requested for

from 16 August 2019, a scammer has been sending emails to my company employees through their work email trying to request them to run an errand. Follow up emails requested for them to help buy a giftcard,…...

19 Aug 2019

Scammer gave up when I tried to fool her

Received a call from +6596960747 Teling me in Mandarin that My account has been suspended due to suspicious activities, please Press “1” to Be connect to the customer service. I pressed “1” and Got connected…...

19 Aug 2019

Spike in the number of DHL Impersonation phone calls!

I received a call (87989281) from a Chinese speaking male claiming that he is from DHL ("DHL 国际快递, 员工号 1233 姓 Chen 名 Yue" ). He mentioned that i have SENT a parcel of 8 fake passport overseas and that…...

19 Aug 2019

Credit-for-Sex scammers kept asking for money!

I started chatting with a girl i met on michat whom i thought was very attractive, she told me she was working partt-ime as and was offering massages and additional services at $100 for 2 hours, $200…...

18 Aug 2019

Another DHL Impersonation scam case

Received an automated voice message informing me that I have a parcel didn’t manage to send out. If want to connect to customer service press 1 etc. Then it transferred me to a guy named, chen kai saying…...

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