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25 Feb 2020

Hang up automated voice calls from "DBS"

25/02/2020 @0919 hours, received call. Automated lady voice VERBALIZING " This is from DBS, your Account has been violated." Before it CONTINUED any further I cut the line. The only thing spoke to this…...

25 Feb 2020

A long "ICA" impersonation phone call

I received a call saying that they caller was from ica and that the call was a 3 way call with the ica rep, surveillance team and me. They said that i am being deported out of singapore due to indian…...

25 Feb 2020

Call from "Interpol" didn't scare me

Automated voice asking to press 9 for outstanding high court summon. Connected to a guy with no foreign accent. Ask for ID verification to check the system. Informed that there is a chinese lady by the…...

25 Feb 2020

Hang up scam calls

I received multiple calls in the morning from a person, who is claiming to be from ICA. He said that my visa is expired and i have to be deported due to a wrong doing, which i dont know. He said I will…...

25 Feb 2020

Caller pretended to be a "Cyber Security Agency of Singapore" officer

The call was received 25 feb 2020 at 6:55am and the caller posed as an officer from "cyber security agency of singapore" saying that it's about my ip address on the internet. caller had indian accent,…...

24 Feb 2020

Don't fall prey to tech support impersonation scam!

received a call claiming to be from Singtel. There was lot of background noise at the caller's side. She said she has information regarding my singtel internet connection. i don't have a singtel connection,…...

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