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20 Sep 2021

Person I knew online turned out to be a scammer

The lady contacted me via Whatsapp. Got more comfortable with me and claimed to love me and wanted to have a future with me. Eventually, she proposed doing a co-investment. Both parties will contribute…...

18 Sep 2021

Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Got to know this girl on FB. It started out normal but eventually went over to WhatsApp. It was well over the first 3 weeks that she started asking about financial and savings. She asked me to do crypto…...

17 Sep 2021

Beware of job scams!

Got to know the person through Facebook. She will try to tell you about her life, then slowly bring in this part-time qoo10 job that she's been doing for several months. She also uses more than one contact…...

17 Sep 2021

"HR Director" claiming to be from Google turned out to be a scammer

Basically this person messaged me regarding job opportunity on indeed impersonating as Google Asia Pacific HR Director. I went through linked in to search her name but was not found. Initially were asking…...

16 Sep 2021

"HR Director" started to market cryptocurrency investment

She identified her as the HR Director of OTIS, Singapore. Looked into my profile and found that I'm a match for her company. After going through the interview, she started to be friendly. Then she slowly…...

16 Sep 2021

Scammer attempted to impersonate Amazon staff

I was called on my landline (first with an automatic voice, later a woman and then a man) with the story that my Amazon account is hacked and that someone ordered an i-Phone and I have to pay for it if…...

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