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25 Jan 2021

Beware of online "friends"

He add me up on Instagram and called himself Calvin who works as us classified military marine engineer. Pours loving words everyday without fail till I fall for it. Never video call before but he did…...

22 Jan 2021

Online friend got angry with me when I didn't want to pay for my "gift package"

Met on "Happn" (a social dating app), decided to converse on whatsapp thereafter. Introduced himself as "micheal lee", private jet pilot based in uk, also happens to be a real estate agent. Only child…...

20 Jan 2021

Beware of scam messages!

Received text message from ken lim "Claim he from DBS bank" ask me to transfer money to ap credit under ocbc account of $210 ( for gst govt) Therefore i keyed in wrong remark told me to pay penalty of…...

13 Jan 2021

"Singtel" staff called me when I'm not even their subscriber

An Indian man called my mobile on 11jan21 2.04pm claiming to be from Singtel. He told me my router had too many devices (more than 35) connected to it and had high data usage. He offered to check if…...

12 Jan 2021

"Singtel" call turned out to be fake

Someone called me and claimed that he was from singtel and i overheard a person speaking with him in Tamil. Caller asked him whether is my connection today good then he did not reply and i hung up....

11 Jan 2021

Scammer claimed that my Singtel account will be shut down in 2 hours

Just receive a Telco (machine VOICE) voice line call in SAYS MY SINGTEL NO. WIL EXPIRE IN 2 HOURS ASK ME TO PRESS 5. Knowing it was a scam, I hung up....

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