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18 Oct 2019

Online friend got angry with me when I didn't want to help him

connected through tinder with this person from perth who said he is a single father to a 4 year old girl called "katie". He said he grew up in usa (funny he didn't have an American accent but an irish…...

18 Oct 2019

Scammer tricked me to check on a borrower

Enquired with this person about loan as i was in a bit of financial difficulties then proceed on to ask me for my personal details. Later on told me my loan was approved but need to either pay deposit…...

18 Oct 2019

Scammer claimed to be from SingPost

I received a call from "Singpost" claiming i had a parcel that must be collected today. Press "2" to be put thru to singpost. I pressed "2" and was connected to a person who took my name & Singapore FIN…...

18 Oct 2019

It all turned out to be a scam!

Received a call from 84977034. Picked up and it was a lady with an indian accent on the other end. She claimed to be from singtel. The line was very noisy and kept breaking off and i had to get her to…...

17 Oct 2019

Scammer impersonating as SingTel staff claimed that the company oversees ALL internet connection!

Received a call from someone saying he is from singtel tech support, said his name is mark williams, has an indian accent. said that he can see malicious activities on my home and office wi-fi network…...

17 Oct 2019

Another story on unlicensed moneylending!

He offered me a loan and i said how much would the interest be? he said 30K 570x60 monthly u ok? i said what is the qualifications? He said how much your salary? Sent me your IC so that I could check…...

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