Talking Point 2018: Who Is Scamming Me? (Part 2)

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21 Jan 2021

Man arrested over e-commerce scams involving sale of discounted Marina Bay Sands hotel packages

SINGAPORE: A 27-year-old man has been arrested for his suspected involvement in a series of e-commerce scams involving the sale of discounted Marina Bay Sands hotel packages, the police said on Thursday…...

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16 Jan 2021

251 people under investigation for suspected involvement in scams, including 74-year-old: SPF

SINGAPORE: A total of 251 people are being investigated for their suspected involvement in scams, either as scammers or money mules, said the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Saturday (Jan 16)....

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15 Jan 2021

MOH warns of SMS scams as Singapore begins Covid-19 vaccination drive

SINGAPORE - As invitations roll out by text message for some to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, scammers are jumping on the bandwagon to dupe other members of the public....

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10 Jan 2021



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08 Jan 2021

How a senior IT exec fell for a ‘technical support’ scam and nearly lost S$180,000

It started with a call from someone who claimed to be a Singtel technical support employee  The victim did not grow suspicious as he thought many employees were doing their work by phone because of Covid-19…...

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05 Jan 2021

Police warn of new phishing scams involving impersonation of government officials

SINGAPORE — The police on Tuesday (Jan 5) warned members of the public of new banking-related phishing scams involving impersonation of government officials....

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28 Dec 2020

S'pore police & WhatsApp: Report unwanted messages such as financial promos on WhatsApp

Just like with regular SMS or phone calls, WhatsApp and Facebook users can report those who send unwanted messages like financial offers or promotions....

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17 Dec 2020

ICA warns of fake SG Arrival Card website, police report made

SINGAPORE: The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) warned on Thursday (Dec 17) of a fake SG Arrival Card website that is phishing for the personal particulars of travellers arriving in Singapore…...

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09 Dec 2020

Hello, it's a scammer on the line: Robocalls on the rise with some targeting people working from home

SINGAPORE: Mr Jarvis Goh, a real estate agent, used to troll scammers who called him, pretending to fall for their tricks to get them to stay on the line - before giving them a scolding. When he received pre-recorded…...

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30 Nov 2020

Police warn against phishing scam that uses fake Pizza Hut advertisements

SINGAPORE: Police on Sunday (Nov 29) warned members of the public of a phishing scam involving fake advertisement for fast food chain Pizza Hut. The fake advertisements are on Facebook or Instagram and…...

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29 Nov 2020

Is the customer or bank responsible for fraudulent transactions in Singapore?

SINGAPORE - While technology has made faster transfers of money possible, it has also facilitated scammers in carrying out fraudulent transactions. In the first six months of this year, $102 million…...

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21 Nov 2020

Mobile app launched to identify and block scam messages, calls

SINGAPORE — The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) on Friday (Nov 20) launched a mobile application that can identify and block scam messages and phone calls. Called ScamShield, the app uses artificial…...

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14 Nov 2020

Police warn of rise in scams linked to fake China officials

The rising number of "impersonation of China officials" scams this year has spiked since the start of October, police said in a statement yesterday....

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29 Oct 2020

Seen this advertisement that appears to be from Grab? It's a scam

The police have warned members of the public to beware of a new variant of phishing scam involving fake Grab advertisements and other fake deals....

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