Planning a holiday? Verify before you fly

Scam Alert Advisor | 05 Mar 2019

Planning a holiday? Verify before you fly

One-for-one deals on flights and accommodation are commonplace, but if you’re planning for your next holiday and come across a deal that seems extremely worthwhile, take a minute to do a few checks before making your purchase.

Verify the vendor’s address, phone number and email address before confirming your payment. Search official sources such as the Singapore Tourism Board and National Association of Travel Agents Singapore for information and to check if the vendor is accredited.

It also helps to read the fine print carefully. Go through the terms and conditions and look out for anything that seems vague or suspicious.

Online travel scams happen when travellers are too quick to jump on amazing travel deals. With a bit of research, and some help from trustworthy sources, you can avoid boarding the scam plane.