How To Instantly Recognise A Police Impersonation Scam

ScamAlert Advisor | 02 Nov 2018

The NCPC’s Anti-Scam helpline observed a spike in the number of reports on Police Impersonation Scam. We are relieved that our residents have been vigilant and helpful to report these cases! Based on these encounters, we saw the urgency of drawing up a list of RED FLAGS that help you identify a scam situation. 

1. The calls are usually made via an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). 

2. Often beginning with a voice message in Mandarin, claiming to be from the Singapore Police HQ, you will be warned of an offence or criminal activity committed.

3. You will be further prompted to press ‘1’ or ‘2’ to speak to an “officer” to enquire more about your case.

4. In some cases, you will be asked to provide your I/C number right from the start.

5. If you are put through to an “officer”, you will be informed of the crimes you have committed and asked to transfer money (via remittance agencies, bitcoins, etc) to resolve the matter.

6. In most recent cases, scammers even resort to directing victims to fake SPF websites where they phish for victims’ personal info and banking details.


You play an important role in our scam busting initiative.

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