Honey, Where's Our Rented Car?

ScamAlert Advisor | 04 Jun 2019

Actual File

The Car Rental scam typically involves victims paying a deposit or the full amount for the rental of a vehicle after responding to advertisements put up by scammers. Scammers have been known to use a temporary office for added credibility in some cases. The vehicle would not be delivered to the victim on the proposed day of collection, and the scammers would become uncontactable as well.

In 2018, at least 83 reports of car rental scams with a total sum of at least $19,600 being cheated were received. 

To avoid getting scammed, adopt the following crime prevention measures:

  • Be wary of advertisements with generic photographs. Car rental photographs should correspond to the make and model of the vehicle being advertised
  • Rent your vehicle from reputable car rental companies
  • Check with ACRA to confirm that the car rental business is a registered one
  • Insist on a documentation of the rental details (i.e. payment and particulars of parties involved) and keep a copy for your reference
  • Request to see the vehicle and its log card to verify the ownership

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