13 Cases of Lucky Draw Scam Reported Since Jan 2019

| 03 May 2019

There is a resurgence of Lucky Draw scam. Since January 2019, at least 13 cases have been reported, with at least $30,000 cheated.

The scammers would typically contact the victims through the messaging and calling application ‘Viber’, and impersonate as staff from Singtel or Starhub. The victims were then told that they had won some money in a lucky draw, and were asked to provide their personal information, credit/debit card details or bank account details before they could receive their winnings. Victims subsequently discovered unauthorised transactions made from their bank accounts or credit/debit card. In some instances, the victims were asked to purchase iTunes cards and send over the redemption code to the scammers.

Please be wary if you receive such messages or calls, especially if you have not participated in any lucky draw.  Do not give out your personal information, credit/debit card details and bank account details to unknown individuals. Ignore any instructions provided by the caller/message sender to make payments by remitting money or purchasing iTunes gift cards.

Important note: Winning a lucky draw should not require any payments to be made to claim the prize.