My friend advised me that my online friend is likely to be a scammer

10 Oct 2018

By Anonymous

He sent me a friend request on Facebook and I accepted it. After chatting, we exchanged contact number and chatted on WhatsApp. He told me he worked as a pilot. His father is from China and his mum is from New York. 3 day later, he told me that he went to France and wanted to give me a surprise by sending me gift that he bought. He did not have my details so he asked me for it so that he could mail the gift out to me. After sending my detail to him. He texted me and told me that he had already mail the gift which contain a ladies bag, jewellers, wrist watch and a iPhone 7. The parcel includes a brown envelope which contains USD 50,000. He told me to use the USD50,000 to pay for the courier fee and use 10% of the money to donate to orphanage. The remain money is for me and my family. He told me to keep a secret by not telling anyone that there is money inside the parcel due to security reason. He told me to write my name instead of his when I donate the money to the orphanage. Initially, I told him that I did not have money to pay for the courier clearance. He told me that the money inside the envelope is for me to use to pay for the courier clearance I told my friend about it she alert me that it could be a scam as there are similar cases. I realise it and I block him on WhatsApp as well as Facebook. Two days later, I received a missed call from the courier company. A lady sent me a WhatsApp stating that she is from Kila courier service and my parcel from the guy was ready for collection.

 scammer details:

Frank chee wai


Kila courier service

Name slyvia