I knew it was a scam when scammer told me to check my email for PayPal transaction

10 Oct 2018

By Anonymous

Placed an ad on gumtree to sell my sofa.

Guy comes and claims he bought stuff from SG before. Lives in China now with his father.
For me, these were red flags.
Then offers to buy the sofa for the price I gave. And wants to do PayPal transaction.
He asks me to check inbox or spam folder after he paid. So now I know for sure he is sending me phishing emails.
I told him I know of his activities and reported him to authorities.

Please stay vigilant in these cases. Use your secure account apps or directly to check whether the transaction is legit or not.
Most of all, don’t feel pressured by them telling you they already sent you the money. PayPal transactions are instant, so there are no delays!

Scammer's details:

Mike (+1 (412) 440-8348)